Introducing: Cobot Knowledge Center

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Tips and Tricks for Fast Collaborative Robot Deployment

Universal Robots


    Automation has become easier than ever with collaborative robots. No longer do you need to be a degreed engineer to program robots to handle assembly, screw driving, welding, sanding or inspection tasks. Cobots are user friendly, easy to program and flexible enough to be moved to different areas of your facility.

    Whether you’re a robot expert or a virtual newbie, this webinar will provide practical guidance to quickly set up and deploy collaborative robots. Topics include cobot selection criteria, online training tools, how to leverage the certified UR+ ecosystem of certified components and kits to customize your cobot, and how program wizards can further expedite your setup.

    You will learn:

    • Basics of collaborative robots
    • How to select the right size cobot for your needs
    • How to customize your application with UR-certified cobot components/kits
    • How program wizards can save dozens of programming hours

    Christopher Savoia
    UR+ Ecosystem Manager
    Universal Robots

    With a background in optics for industrial applications, Chris started his carrier working as a systems integrator, to develop and install laser welding, cutting, and marking systems alongside industrial robots for manufacturing. He came to Universal Robots as a product engineer for Canada & Northeast USA, managing applications and service, before shifting to a role in sales development and channel management. Currently, Chris manages the UR+ Ecosystem for the Americas. In this role, he works with partner companies to onboard, productize, test, and launch products that function as “plug and produce” with Universal Robots. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.

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