On-Demand: Digital Transformation: Real Applications of Industrial Cloud Connectivity and Data Analytics



    Given the recent supply chain disruptions, workforce constraints, and market upheavals brought about by the pandemic, digital transformation is no longer the roadmap item that can be shuffled to the next quarter/year. Several manufacturers for whom Industry 4.0 was previously a secondary effort have now begun moving to a Smart Manufacturing paradigm but lack the ability to get started quickly, affordably, and efficiently.

    These manufacturers seek to streamline their operations by leveraging cloud-based services in order to gain remote access to monitoring data, understand the performance of equipment across geolocations, and make sense of the data at scale. This webinar will take you through what this industrial connectivity currently looks like for real companies, and where it can start for your team.

    Join Trek10 and AWS as we outline:

    • How to leverage principles of IIoT and digital transformation to solve OT connectivity scaling problems at the edge that arise from disparate protocols and systems
    • How we solve scale and integration challenges with infrastructure automation, managed platforms, and micro-service architectures
    • How key stakeholders in the OT and IT world, without data science backgrounds, are leveraging AWS Services to deliver real value via Machine Learning and Data Analytics


    Carlos Lemus
    IoT Practice Lead

    Carlos is a Cloud Architect with several years of experience in cloud and software development and a focus on Internet of Things (IoT) device integration with AWS. His duties have included cloud system architecture, software engineering, embedded application design, continuous integration and delivery, cellular device certification and product market deployment. Prior to joining Trek10, Carlos led the design and production of an IoT-based asset tracker and its supporting cloud infrastructure for a Toyota company. He understands the challenges faced by customers seeking to adopt IoT and the public cloud, and loves devising elegant and cost effective solutions.

    David Thielet
    Sr. Strategic PDM - IoT

    Dave has spent the last decade developing IoT initiatives for a wide variety of business critical use cases, including maritime shipping fuel efficiency, building utilization, and food processing animal monitoring. He has built collaborative partner ecosystems that help industrial leaders go to market solving digital transformation challenges for Fortune 2000 customers. Today, Dave leads two global Industrial Connectivity initiatives focused in Manufacturing and Agriculture, working with AWS Partners and leveraging AWS IoT services to solve vertical-specific challenges to operational efficiency and productivity. He received his MBA from Ohio State University and is based in Cleveland, OH.

    Scott Fulnecky
    Director of Business Development – IoT

    Scott is the Director of Business Development for IoT at Trek10. He is an experienced sales professional and lifelong entrepreneur, having founded and run multiple businesses and startups. Before joining Trek10, Scott held positions at SolarCity, Mosaic, and founded Solar Merchant, a two-time Department of Energy Sunshot Grant Awardee acquired by PickMySolar.He enjoys living at the intersection of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, leveraging IoT and cloud-scale solutions to enable both the startups creating the disruptive technologies and the enterprises implementing them to shorten time to value on AWS and execute on their growth and digital transformation roadmaps.

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