On-Demand Webinar: Supply Chain Risk Management

SME SMX2020 Team


    Learning Objective:

    • Why changing your mindset of supply chain from “cost czar” to “competitive weapon” is critical to success in new, more dynamic global connected markets
    • How Agile supply chain strategies are empowering teams inside and outside the organization to co-create disruptive products and services faster
    • What Industry 4.0 technologies including on-demand technology enabled services, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence are accelerating results
    • What is “Automated Plan For Every Part” software and how can it empower team productivity while optimizing new product cost, time and risk KPIs
    Manufacturers were already facing major challenges to invest in emerging Industry 4.0 technologies such as cloud software and automation. Then the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting Recession happened. These crises are causing immense stresses to manufacturers as they work to pivot their business to the future while battling to survive the present.

    Our path to economic recovery will likely be filled with supply stops and starts. These dramatic economic shifts present rare opportunities for forward-thinking leaders to strengthen their companies while competitors struggle to adapt.

    In a sea of unknowns, we will outline practical solutions for improving cash flows, reducing fixed costs and empowering your team. We aim to outline Agile supply chain strategies, tactics and tools that will empower your manufacturing to prosper and win the future.


    William Crane
    Founder and CEO

    William Crane, is founder and CEO of IndustryStar, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based on-demand supply chain services and software technology company that empowers leaders to reduce the cost, time, and risk of bringing new product ideas to production and beyond. William is a trusted advisor in supply chain with demonstrated results starting, launching and enhancing procurement, logistics, supplier quality and manufacturing organizations. His work has appeared frequently in the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) and Modern Material Handling among others. William’s passion for bringing technologies to market that have a positive impact on the world can be found via his blog Supply Chain for Tomorrow’s Technology. William is also Host of the Supply Chain Innovation podcast where he interviews top industry change-makers to uncover strategies, tactics, and tools to expedite, optimize, and de-risk supply chain operations. William holds an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business from the University of Michigan and BBA in Integrated Supply Management from the Haworth College of Business at Western Michigan University.

    Tony Enhrbar
    Owner & CEO
    American Tent

    Tony Enhrbar is the Owner & CEO of American Tent, a family-owned and operated manufacturer of party tents and sidewalls located in Green Bay, WI. Tony is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history in the event services and manufacturing industries. He has experience in management consulting, strategy and private equity diligence. Tony has a passion for helping other entrepreneursand small businesses realize their potential and contributing to the development and growth of Greater Green Bay.

    Tony holds an MBA in Strategy and General Management from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business from the University of Michigan and BS in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin Madison.

    American Tent specializes in budget-friendly pole and frame tents as well as sidewalls for both tents and commercial/residential applications. The company’s unique JIT manufacturing capabilities – tents to custom specifications - including custom sizes, colors, logos and more. The company also manufactures the patented Giffy Ballast - a cost-effective, convenient, attractive and safe water ballasting system.

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