Smart Manufacturing: Operational Excellence Isn't Limited to the Shop Floor

Plex Systems, Inc.


    Manufacturing suppliers have many challenges to maintain profitability and growth. From developing and maintaining an effective supply chain to ensuring streamlined production to deliver products to customers on-time every time. But the many disconnects in processes and systems coupled with siloed and disparate databases means someone must steward the flow of data from one system to another, performing the data gymnastics to get information in a form that executives need to effectively run the business. Whether they use paper-based processes or multiple connected spreadsheets, most manufacturers struggle to keep up.

    Imagine a business environment where supply chain processes are digital from the onset such that your business system starts as the system of record and continues to operate as a single source of truth for all of your data. Now imagine that your shop floor processes are similarly connected so that orders are processed, materials are ordered, and jobs are synchronized with production capacity. Sound too good to be true?

    Watch this on-demand webinar to see how the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform brings this vision into reality. Digitized processes from shop floor to top floor make it easy for you to achieve operational excellence and creates an environment of continuous improvement to drive your success into the future.


    Dave Morfas
    Vice President of Product Marketing
    Plex Systems, Inc.

    Dave Morfas has worked in the manufacturing and high-tech industries for twenty-five years, supporting customers globally in a variety of product marketing, product management group leadership roles. Currently Dave serves as Vice President of Product Marketing for Plex Systems overseeing strategic product direction, competitive intelligence, and content marketing and creation.

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