Turn Knowledge into Money: How Data Can Improve Your ROI

Okuma America Corporation


    Ask any shop owner what their CNC machine utilization is, and chances are they’ll significantly overestimate the number. That isn’t because operators are overly optimistic. It’s simply because it has been too cumbersome to actually measure utilization data and monitor it for needed adjustments over time.

    Modern CNC technologies now afford shop owners and operators an easy way to better understand their production operations by allowing them to monitor the status of machines operations, predict maintenance needs, make smart decisions that positively impact productivity and ROI levels.

    During this presentation, you'll learn:

    • IIoT implementation strategies
    • The transformation to prescriptive maintenance systems
    • Machine monitoring capabilities with Okuma Connect Plan


    Brad Klippstein
    Product Specialist Group Supervisor
    Okuma America Corporation

    Brad Klippstein serves as both the Supervisor of the Product Specialist Group and as the Controls Product Specialist at Okuma America Corporation. Brad brings more than a decade of experience to intelligent manufacturing technologies. In his current roles, he is responsible for teaching customers the functionality and benefits of Okuma machine controls while also fostering next-generation technological enhancements. Brad holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toledo.

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