Laser Radar: An Alternative Approach to Automotive Quality Control

Nikon Metrology


Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

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Quality 4.0 is a vision for quality following the lead of the Industry 4.0 concept. Automotive production relies on quality to upkeep an automaker’s brand image within its customer base.

In the production process, suboptimal dimensional quality can lengthen lead times and cause cost overruns related to the reworking of non-compliant parts or forced downstream production adjustments.

Traditional metrology techniques in the automotive industry can be time consuming and costly yet they have remained largely unchanged for decades.

The Nikon Metrology APDIS Laser Radar solution offers a unique alternative to the traditional car body inspection methods, providing accurate, absolute measurement data anywhere in the factory. With drastically increased measurement productivity, it is the innovative solution for continuously monitoring and improving quality throughout production. This webinar illustrates the issues with the traditional metrology approach with real life examples; estimates the real day to day costs of these technologies; shows how a Laser Radar solution can improve on this; demonstrates how this all fits into the vision of Quality 4.0.

Key Topics

  • The issues associated with traditional metrology approaches
  • An estimate of the real day-to-day costs of these technologies
  • How Laser Radar provides a unique alternative for automotive
  • Real life examples of how Laser Radar has benefited customers


Paul Lightowler
Laser Radar Product Manager
Nikon Metrology

Paul Lightowler is the Global Product Manager for the APDIS Laser Radar with 20 years of automotive, aerospace, and large-scale metrology experience covering measurements, automation and robotics. Working with the Laser Radar products for more than a decade as an Applications Engineer, Paul has had first-hand experience of the issues faced by customers across a wide range of industries. Now, as the Global Product Manager, he can take this experience and help drive new developments for both the product and the applications with the engineering team and integration partners to develop new approaches to production inspection using the automated capabilities of the APDIS Laser Radar.