Data-Driven Manufacturing: Attain Operational Excellence with Impactful Continuous Improvement

Memex Inc.
    Are you a Champion for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies within your organization? Then you probably understand how real-time machine data impacts company culture and improves profitability. You may call it MOM, MES, machine monitoring, IoT, Industry 4.0, or IIoT technology, but it really is a system to access real-time data and utilize it in a meaningful and sustainable way.

    Continuous Improvement (CI) initiatives are foundational to manufacturing success. Data-Driven Manufacturing (DDM) is transforming Kaizen, Lean, Six-Sigm, 5 Why’s and other CI methods by shifting the emphasis from data collection to important value-added activities. This significantly reduces the time from hypothesis to implementation – thereby maximizing machine and process efficiency.

    MEMEX has the means and methodology to get all assets (even manual machines) connected for high impact, FAST continuous improvement (CI). MERLIN Tempus empowers employees at every level to monitor, analyze, identify, and undertake sustainable Continuous Improvement initiatives, all driven by real-time data.

    If you’re on a team to implement or improve continuous improvement initiatives, you need to see this video and get your entire team focused on using real-time information to implement CI initiatives and projects, rather than manually collecting, aggregating and analyzing data.

    The future of Impactful Continuous Improvement is here, let us show you how by watching this short video.
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