HP 3D Multi Jet Fusion Color Technology and Workflows

Embrace bold full-color 3D printing from prototyping to production
    Your life is full of color. Your 3D parts should be, too.

    Color helps us understand an object’s purpose – it guides your eyes and heightens our emotions. Consider the power of color in the products that surround you. A red warning sign tells you not to touch a hot surface. The map on your wall outlines different countries in contrasting colors, making them easy to differentiate. Even the bright neon design on your shoes serves a purpose – it is stylish, it improves your visibility when going for a jog, and it provoked an emotional connection within you, causing you to choose that shoe over others.

    HP 3D has unleashed the power to innovate in full color. By combining its deep knowledge of color inkjet technology with its disruptive HP MJF technology, HP is now capable of 3D printing in brilliant color.
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