Enabling the Model Based Enterprise for Smart Manufacturing

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    The aerospace, automotive, defense and other large-scale global industries are leading the charge into the 4th industrial revolution. The future of a fully interconnected IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 hold great promise and MBE, or the Model Based Enterprise is the foundation for successfully implementing these new technologies. Industry has started to embrace the Model Based Enterprise, but many challenges still exist, particularly for the small to medium mainstream manufacturing firms.

    Building trust in the digital twin, utilizing the emerging Twin to Twin (T2T) paradigm, and changing business practices and culture are only some of the challenges. In addition, establishing an efficient means to exchange information along with developing the software & systems to leverage this information is crucial to establishing a successful Model Based Enterprise… and if small to medium size manufacturing organizations are expected to move to a Model Based Enterprise, the software & systems required need to be readily available on the shop floor at an affordable price.

    CAD/CAM and 3D models have long been leveraged by design and manufacturing engineers, but now new tools are coming available to leverage 3D models with MBD and PMI data throughout the manufacturing ecosystem and carry CAD/CAM out onto the shop floor. The focus of this webinar will be to discuss the challenges and solutions to implementing MBD and review the latest Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 software and systems available to help small to medium size companies determine their digital maturity, improve their digital readiness, and move towards a Model Based Enterprise.


    Marc Bissell
    Senior Technical Consultant
    HCL America

    With over 30 years of hands-on CAD/CAM & Solid Modeling, manufacturing engineering, and CNC programming & machining Marc Bissell’s experience and expertise applying cutting-edge technology to real-world manufacturing applications is exceptional.

    Marc is a veteran CAD/CAM Applications Engineer and his previous positions included Manager of Manufacturing Engineering, Operations Manager, and Global Manufacturing Consultant. As a result of his technical expertise and real-world hands-on experience, Marc has become an expert in advanced manufacturing and automation. As a Sr. CAMWorks Applications Engineer for more than 8 years, Marc now carries the Group Technical Specialist and was a key member of the team which led to the development of Tolerance Based Machining and SOLIDWORKS CAM.

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