Setting Your Cutting Tools Up For Success!

ARCH Cutting Tools


Date: Thursday, January 21, 2021
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

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In the 21st century, the emphasis is on the advancements in cutting tool technology, coating chemistry, and new optimization in machining to elevate the design; thus, the tools can do more and last longer.

Bill Orris of ARCH Cutting tools will walk you through several critical building blocks in setting your cutting tools up for success. Starting with evaluating your effective use of cutting tools in your processes, taking a complete view at each step of the setup, and referencing the recommendations by the manufacturers can significantly create the most efficient tool application. The critical portion of the analysis is understanding the speed, feed, and depth of cut as the engineer or programmer to break the cycle of bad habits. Emphasizing the cutting tool holder's connectivity, in some cases, we are underutilizing the holders to fully take advantage of optimizing its effects on the complete process capabilities.

He will share how to successfully review the environment that we are creating for our cutting tools to be successfully applied, understanding that up to 70% are misapplied in the field. The critical value is studying the entire job from tool holder to component fixturing and directly affecting cutting tool conditions. Considering a tool holder's life cycle, and are you retiring them at the right time.

This webinar will help you create savings opportunities for your company.


Bill Orris
Director of Product Development and Custom Solutions
ARCH Cutting Tools

As Director of Product Development and Custom Solutions, Bill oversees the existing standard product portfolio of over 40,000 standard cutting tools, leads research for all new products, current product enhancements, and drives innovation with the custom product designs. Bill brings over 27 years of industry experience to his new role with ARCH® Cutting Tools. His background is an all-American story. As a Manager of Technical Product and Sales Training in his prior role at ARCH Cutting Tools, a CNC/Senior Program Manager, a Machining Specialist and Assistant Training Coordinator, and a Manufacturing Manager in die and mold. This diverse background offers excellent industry product knowledge and a deep understanding of customers' application challenges and needs in the metalworking industry. Bill studied Mechanical Design. He holds Journeyman Machinist Certification specialized in CNC and the additional Tool and Die accreditations from the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council and several other certifications pertaining to metrology, metallurgy, ASQ/ ISO standards, and lean manufacturing principles.