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May 26th, 2021

Advanced Manufacturing Now Newsletter
Manufacturing Index Zooms in March, Reaches Four-Decade High

Manufacturing Expansion to Last Through 2021, ISM Says

Economic expansion in manufacturing will last for the rest of this year, the Institute of Supply Management said in a forecast. Revenue in manufacturing is expected to rise by an average of 7.2 percent this year, the Tempe, Ariz.-based group said. That’s higher than a December forecast that called for a 6.9 percent gain.

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Manufacturing Employment Surges in March

Cutting Cost Per Part With Rotary Transfer Machines

Rotary transfer machines continue to hold a major place. Rotary transfer machines consist of many tools in a single machine. "Rotary transfer machines are commonly used for mass production of metal parts that are complex, yet numerous," said Axel Warth, head of marketing and business development for the Mikron Machining Division.

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Expanding 3D Printing Industry Shows Its Stuff Amid Pandemic

Tool Manufacturer Grows Into Medical Tools Via Precision Grinding

Alden Tool Co. of Berlin, Conn., found a niche in the surgical medical market. It developed the expertise needed over 30 years to meet that market’s unique requirements for surgical cutting tools, instruments, and components for the orthopedic, spinal, maxillofacial and cranial surgical specialties.

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GE Aviation and Food and Beverage: a Case Study

Innovations in Process Manufacturing: Accelerating Insights with Advanced Analytics

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Connecting Materials, Processes, Systems and Talent To Drive U.S. Economic and National Security

Supply Chain in Crisis: A National Initiative to Build a National Supply Chain Data Exchange

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Impact of Emerging Technology Trends on Business Operations

Weathering the Storm: Cloud-based ERP and SaaS Help

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A Conversation With SME's CEO

Elon Musk Does Battle With Regulators

Elon Musk, as he develops electric vehicles and rockets, is doing battle with regulators, The Wall Street Journal said. Musk "has emerged a winner in a series of run-ins with a range of regulatory agencies that have watched as he sidestepped rules or ignored enforcement attempts," The Journal reported. Other CEOs back off when dealing with regulators. Musk doesn't.

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'Impossible Objects, Ricoh 3D to Produce Parts for European Customers

Zoller Conducts Presentation of New Genius Model

Zoller Inc., Ann Arbor, Mich., conducted an online demonstration of its newest version of its Genius tool inspection machine. The fifth generation of the Genius was designed to have improved ergonomics and be user friendly, according to the company. The demonstration showed the machine’s measuring and software capabilities.

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Save Money with Repair & Rebuild Services

What You Should Be Looking for in a Modern 3D Metal Printer

Productivity, reliability, and repeatability are essential to your ability to scale your metal additive manufacturing. Emerging technologies can push this “holy trinity” of attributes beyond the status quo, and taking advantage of these new capabilities can help your organization further its position as an innovator in the market. Download our eGuide now to learn more!

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Long-Lasting Taps Deliver Holes, Savings for Equipment Manufacturer

Prep for the Next Supply Chain Glitch With 3D Printing

With additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, manufacturers can address supply chain glitches in an emergency, writes Contributing Editor Ilene Wolff. "The idea is to leverage the advantages inherent to 3D printing. There’s no need to keep spare critical parts in stock in a warehouse as long as you have the CAD file in digital form and a 3D printer."

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Nexteer Automotive Revamps Software Engineering

Tool Balancing When and Why

When the application requires it, there is no substitute for well-balanced tools, writes Contributing Editor Geoff Giordano. "While getting jobs up and running quickly is critical to profitability, spending a few minutes beforehand to properly balance one’s tools can pay big dividends," he writes. More tool balancers are indeed finding their way into job shops and OEMs, but widespread usage still lags.

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Save Money with Repair & Rebuild Services

Enterprise Florida

With more than 20,000 manufacturers employing over 380,000 workers, Florida has the talent and resources to support manufacturing enterprises producing everything from steel to semi-conductors. See how businesses break through in Florida.

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Save Money with Repair & Rebuild Services

Are you a soldering expert?

Want to talk shop with the soldering pros? See if you have what it takes to keep up.

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Machine Connectivity Best Practices and Your IIoT Roadmap

2D to 3D Automation-Assisted Engineering

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Connecting Materials, Processes, Systems and Talent To Drive U.S. Economic and National Security

Connectivity & IIoT Guide

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Impact of Emerging Technology Trends on Business Operations

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Vision System

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Integrating Measurement Data in Manufacturing

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Bringing Automated Feedback to Machine Tools

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Remember This?

The Basics of Live Tooling

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Swiss Machining Made Simpler

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