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May 19th, 2021

Advanced Manufacturing Now Newsletter
Manufacturing Index Zooms in March, Reaches Four-Decade High

Machine Tool Orders Surge in March, First Quarter

Machine tool orders surged in both March and the year's first quarter as manufacturing's economic expansion continued. Orders in March were up on both a monthly and year-over-year basis, according to AMT -- The Association for Manufacturing Technology. First-quarter orders totaled $1.14 billion, a 30 percent gain from the same period in 2020. In March, a variety of industries contributed to the gain.

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Manufacturing Employment Surges in March

Taking on the Tough Stuff

Key players in grinding have developed and tested new technology. For example, improvements have been made to continuous dress creep feed grinding (CDCF), and its longstanding effort to supplant milling for tough applications. Another trend is the increasing adoption of grinding machines that can also mill, drill, and threadmill.

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Expanding 3D Printing Industry Shows Its Stuff Amid Pandemic

ZEISS to Acquire Capture 3D

ZEISS said it plans to expand its national coverage in the U.S. for its Industrial Quality & Research segment by acquiring Capture 3D, Santa Ana, Calif. Terms were not disclosed. Once the transaction is complete, Capture 3D will become part of the Industrial Quality Solutions strategic business unit within the ZEISS Industrial Quality & Research segment.

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Save Money with Repair & Rebuild Services

Reducing Industrial Energy Waste with Automation

If you are experiencing escalating energy costs in your plant, automated machine monitoring helps reduce that expense. Management teams can monitor machine energy spikes, peak hours, weekend use, wasted hours, and more.

To achieve more control over your increasing energy costs, find out what the most common offenders are as it relates to industry and what you can do to reduce it.

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GE Aviation and Food and Beverage: a Case Study

Optimizing Machining Operations in a Data Driven World

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Connecting Materials, Processes, Systems and Talent To Drive U.S. Economic and National Security

From Prototype to Production: Process Development with Promess

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Impact of Emerging Technology Trends on Business Operations

Asset Performance Management using Digital Twins

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A Conversation With SME's CEO

Swiss-Style Machines, Simplified

There are many reasons for shops to invest in Swiss-style CNC lathes. However, the machines are complex to operate. Makers of Swiss-style machines recognize the challenges and are working to simpify operating the machines. Contributing Editor Kip Hanson explains how.

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'Impossible Objects, Ricoh 3D to Produce Parts for European Customers

Cybercrime Thrives During Pandemic

The Verizon Business 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report has been issued. With more people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, phising and ransomware increased. A Verizon executive said the pandemic had a "profound effect." The report highlighted challenges as businesses move more of their functions to the cloud.

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Save Money with Repair & Rebuild Services

Options for Covering a Shaft Comparison Guide e-book

Covering your machines' exposed shafts is key to prevent damage. Luckily, there are several options that can help you protect them. Check out this comparison guide from Dynatect to find the best solution for your needs.

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Long-Lasting Taps Deliver Holes, Savings for Equipment Manufacturer

Boeing Receives Regulatory Approval for 737 Max Electrical Fixes

Boeing Co. said it received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for a fix for an electrical issue that grounded about 100 737 Max aircraft, NPR said. Carriers including Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines temporarily pulled the affected aircraft from service.

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Nexteer Automotive Revamps Software Engineering

New Generation of Ford Family Members Join Automaker's Board

Ford Motor Co. shareholders approved the appointment of two members of a new generation of Fords to the automaker's board of directors, The Detroit News said. Henry Ford III, 40, and Alexandra Ford English, 33, are both great-great grandchildren of company founder Henry Ford. Alexandra Ford English is the daughter of Executive Chairman Bill Ford.

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Save Money with Repair & Rebuild Services

Verisurf Inspection and Measurement Software with Universal CMM Compatibility

Verisurf Software is universally compatible with all new and legacy CMMs, providing a single inspection and measurement platform for:

  • Automated Inspection and Quality Reporting
  • 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering
  • Tool Building and Guided Assembly

Verisurf Software is built on a CAD platform and supports all digital measuring devices and CAD files, ensuring compatibility, flexibility and reduced training costs.

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Save Money with Repair & Rebuild Services

Are you a soldering expert?

Want to talk shop with the soldering pros? See if you have what it takes to keep up.

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Machine Connectivity Best Practices and Your IIoT Roadmap

Discover the Advantages of Waterjet Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting with WARDJet

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Connecting Materials, Processes, Systems and Talent To Drive U.S. Economic and National Security

5 Steps to Providing Personalized Value Engineering

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Impact of Emerging Technology Trends on Business Operations

Optics Surface Grinding Optimization Tips

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Webinar: Advance Your 3D Printing Expertise with Online Trainings

Committed Customer Service

“One of the reasons we bought this machine is because we know we can trust Methods. All I have to do is say 'I need this,' and the person is there fixing my problem. No waiting, no messages." “Methods service and support representatives do what they say they’re going to do, which is surprising. That's not typical with some other manufactures.”- Carl Kennedy, General Manager, Apex Machining

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AIM Photonics will give already-exploding AI/ML shot in the arm

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The Problem With Files in Manufacturing (And How To Solve It)

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Remember This?

Six Trends to Watch for in Aerospace and Defense This Year

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Lordstown Motors Tops 100,000 Pre-Orders for its Endurance All-Electric Pickup Truck

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